General Regulations on the Crossing Borders

Riding a motorbike around Southeast Asia could possibly be one of the greatest adventures you will ever do in the region! While taking a motorcycle the length of Vietnam has just about become a rite-of-passage for backpackers, the two neighbouring countries of Laos and Cambodia are often ignored. Whether it is because people don’t have the time, or don’t think about it, is a true shame. Perhaps it is because “motopackers” aren’t aware that crossing the border with a motorbike is legally possible. We successfully crossed international borders three times – Laos to Vietnam, Vietnam to Cambodia and then back from Cambodia into Vietnam. We’re going to give our best advice, based on first-hand experience and research, on which borders you can cross at, and what you need to do this.
* Warning Local border crossings:
At local border trading passes it is sometimes possible for foreigners to cross, but remember that you are not legally in the country and free to continue. You are in the country illegally, both personally and with your bike, leaving yourself wide open to serious trouble.
I’ve seen it a few times in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Laos – riders who thought they were clever sneaking into the country, but when they tried to leave the country they could not produce any papers to show that the bike was legally imported. The Customs officials were not impressed and neither was the rider when he had to pay a hefty fine to leave. I know of another case in Vietnam where a rider foolishly snuck in from Cambodia without papers & it cost him a couple of thousand US dollars to leave with his bike from the North. Silly boy & don’t do it!  So, play it wise & safe – make sure all your border crossings are at legal international crossings where you get your bike import papers properly stamped.


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