Booking's Terms & Conditions

1. How to transfer your deposit(s):

It’s an inconvenient but Pay-pal doesn’t work very well in Vietnam. To pay for your Deposit, we request if you could please make the transfer via Bank transfer or Western Union. If you still have any question please contact us. Thank you for your understanding.

Please confirm the money transfer by sending us an email: with the following information:

    + Your name, number of people on the tour;
    + Tour code, day of departure;
    + Transfer code details.

We will confirm your booking right after we get the deposit(s).
* Option 1: Western Union:
Western Union Money Transfer - Money in Minutes Confirmation:
To save bank transfer fee (25$US - 50$US), you can send money through Western Union as they offer competitive commission (2-10%, at least 5$US). You can pay in your local currency and choose $US as the only currency to be paid in Vietnam. The Western Union form asks your deposit to be picked up at their agents or have them call us, please select the first option.

Our details in full (you are probably not asked to give all details listed below, just fill in what they ask for):

- Money Receiver / Holder:  Duong Van Dong / Director
- ID Number: 013584664
- Add: Duc Dien - Phu Dien - Tu Liem - Hanoi
- Phone in contact: + 84 904 124 997

Once your wire has been completed, you will get a 10-digit MCTN (Money Transfer Control Number), please send this code and we use this number to pick up the funds from a local Western Union shortly. We need to use an identity card to receive the deposit.
If you want to find a Western Union office near you, please click here.

* Option 2: Bank Transfer:
Here under are details relating to our bank accounts so that you could check out to wire money if possible:

BANK FOR FOREIGN TRADE OF VIETNAM (OPERATIONS CENTRE)                                      
Add: 198 Tran Quang Khai Str., Hanoi - VIETNAM                                                 
Swift Code: BFTVVNVX                                                   
Chips UID: CH340373                              
TELEX: (0805) 411229 VCB_VT                                                   
CABLE: Vietcombank Operations Centre                                                    
A/C No. : 0011372600501 (USD)                                                  
A/C Name: Duong Van Dong                              

You will have to pay the banking fee from your side.

• Recipient Account Number/IBAN (if any, there is no number as this is only required for Europe): 0
It is your responsibility to ask your bank how much they charge to convert into United States Dollars (USD) and/or transfer fee and if they have to go through a third bank (from our experience, 80% of the transfers usually go through a bank in U.S.A. like Bank of New York or Bank of America) before Vietcombank. Please only use USD. Some of our customers were double charged without notice! You can view a list of banking partners with the Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank) here.

2. Booking:

To book our trip, please select your preferred trip and click on " Book now" on web page. Our booking form wizard will automatically call the trip name, and ask you to fill out some fields  for information. Once completed filling the form , you just click Submit to send us your enquiry or Reset to cancel what you have filled up. After receiving your reservation request, we will immediately make all the necessary arrangements in accordance with your request. This will takes about 1-2 business days, and we will send to you our confirmation message by e-mail with all the details of tours, the booking status and also payment term.

To start a new or private tour, please click "Customize ride" or "Start a ride" on our home page or send us an email to:, then lets us take care of the rest.

3. Terms and Conditions:


We ask for 30% - 50% deposit for every booking except returning customers. Bookings are confirmed after we receive the deposit only.

3.2. Balance of Payment:

The payment of the full tour has to be paid at least one day before tour departs. We accept cash or credit card.
Cancellation and refunds:

3.3. No refunds in any case of any cancellation:

Tour may be delayed by adverse weather conditions, but we take no responsibility in case of tour cancellations.
If you are found to break any of the rules without the prior exception from the tour leader, there will be a warning after which we can cancel the tour and you will have to travel back to Hanoi by yourself.

If your bike has a technical brake down, we will replace it with the same type of bike and our guide/mechanic will attempt to fix your bike within a day.

To cover this eventuality, we strongly recommend you take out Holiday Cancellation Insurance.

However, in some other special cases we can still be flexible to the cancellation policy as follows:

+ 2 months prior to the departure of the tour, the cancellation charge would be 30% of the total amount 

+ 1 month prior to the departure of the tour, the cancellation charge would be 50% of the total amount 

+ 15 Days prior to the departure of the tour, the cancellation charge would be 75% of the total amount 

+ 7 Days prior to the departure of the tour, the cancellation charge would be 100% of the total amount 

3.4.Transfer of Booking:
In the event of your having to cancel, you may transfer your booking to another person. However, you will be liable for any administration costs and are responsible for your nominee paying their monies in full.
Our Responsibilities:

We will be responsible for providing you everything that is included in the tour price.
Our guide with our support will help you in any situation on the way. In case of an emergency, we will contact the people nominated by you in the disclaimer paper (e.g.: your family or insurance company).
Your responsibilities:

Participants’ booking are accepted on the understanding that they realise the risks and hazards associated with motorcycle activities, include personal injury, physical exertion, risks associated with altitude and inconvenience when travelling through remote areas, and knowing that access to evacuation may not be readily available. You accept and consent to the personal risks inherent in the implementation of this Contract and, accept the limitations of Vietnam-motorbiketour liability set out herein as being reasonable. You have to take care of your own travelling insurance.

In alignment with your expedition booking with us you agree to give authority to your expedition leader during your travels, where decisions may be needed for the benefit and safety of everyone.

If you damage/break our bikes, we will charge you to replace/fix the bike depending on the extent of the damage.
Complaints Procedure:

We endeavour to supply you with the best possible service on your journey, ensuring you have a great time. However, if you have a complaint during your expedition, please notify your expedition leader immediately in order to rectify the situation. If your complaint was unresolved, then a direct call to the office will help us to resolve any problem. If you have any other comment or suggestion, please send them to us via email. We are very open to hear from you to improve our service.


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